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I unfortunately dropped my phone in water and therefore took my phone to phone zone for repair. I was served by billy, and all was well. That's where the positives end. From then on I was fobbed off left right and centre as to what they were doing to repair my phone. When they eventually called me(about two months later) to say that they couldn't repair the phone. Which is fine. Then I turn up to pick my phone up.......
No recollection of where my phone is. Oh dear. Apparently billy wasn't in shop and has took phone with him. Why? I have no idea.
Then when they eventually do find my phone, and I can come down to collect. Now this is the bit that really made me comment on here! I pick my phone up, they made me pay the minimum ten pound which in all fairness was explained to me before, could happen should it not be able to be repaired. I happily paid this, but unfortunately for me I paid before my phone was given to me. And then I noticed they had actually taken my camera lenses out. They told me that this broke whilst they was trying to fix my phone. A excuse that I just didn't buy. I would recommend that you NEVER use this shop. Poor service, lack of communication what else could be wrong about this place.   08-02-16