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I picked this company to build my garden fence because they are a long established business and I liked the appearance of their panels. I also knew that it would not be a straight forward job because my garden slopes up by 2 feet and I wanted to keep the fence tops level so I thought a good supplier would have the answers. They did the survey, took photographs and went away with my requirements saying that they would have to build the fence and make the panels as they went. No problem, I thought, these people make their own panels. The quotation duly arrived, after I had chased it, and was accepted. Contracts were signed, neighbours in agreement, and a start date given. From the outset bells started ringing. They didn't mark out the lines so now the fences aren't straight, not disasterously crooked but not straight. They complained about the difficulties with the slopes saying that this could add to the cost even though they knew about them beforehand, one neighbour complained that someone had damaged her tree but no-one could remember doing it and when they left my other neighbour came round to ask if they intended to re-fix his fence which was now swinging in the wind. In fairness they came quickly back and fixed it. I'm disappointed and could not recommend using this company.   10-12-13
Tags: Disappointed