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My mothers sister bought a Montpellier cooker from Future appliances last October 2019. I t has never worked properly, but now in Jan 2021,it has other problems and is dangerous.

I have tried to ring them, no answer. there are two different telephone numbers for the business, both landlines (two nearly identical numbers, one with two sixes, one with two sixes!!! Neither work, one tells me I have rang the wrong number, the other goes through a residential lady, who tells me its her tel number!!!

Issues with cooker since April 2019, but no one wants to know by email either. I have moved back to live with my mother, after giving up my job to be her full time carer, and now I have a cooker that neither works or is safe to use.

Problems with cooker are:

Both rear hob rings blow air when lit, then go out instantly, so cant use those. The automatic spark lighter on front of oven take nearly 5 mins to lit, so its both a safety gas lighter instead!!

The The grill sometimes roars away, as if on full flame, when setting it to the lowest flame.

The cooker is even worse: when setting the round numbered dial on the front of the gas cooker, the dial is loose, as is the frame around it, and when you set gas to a gas setting number, it does not concur or match the flame in the oven.

The frame around the outside of the cooker setting dial can also set the flame, as its loose and moves seperateley so when you have set it after say 5 seconds, the power of the flame drops, so then you have to turn it up one number higher for the gas setting, in order to set the oven at its required setting.....ITS NOT SAFE.

I had to throw out the chicken last week, I had tried to cook in the oven, as it took 2 half hours to cook, and was still not cooked, the same for the roast spuds, as the oil never gets hot enough to roast potatoes, chicken does not brow.

The oven does not have enough umph or grunt to cook anything, infact its costing my mum twice as much to cook anything, as its in the oven for more than twice the time required

Even then, you have to turn the setting up, which is dangerous.

Still waiting to hear from them. No telephone number available on facebook. Wont Chat online