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Steer clear. This is an embarrassment of an establishment. Again similar to a previous review, a party of 3 of us went in to browse the products and were instead ordered to leave after a friend of mine took a photo of a woman's leather coat. The shop owner aggressively confronted us, much to our surprise, and ordered our group out of the shop with no room for conversation or an explanation. We treated the products and the owner with nothing but respect, but suffice to say that we - nor any of our friends will be bothering them with any business in future. The irony is that a member of our group went to another local leather merchants and purchased a jacket later that day. My biggest gripe with this whole ordeal? That the cuck owner wouldn't even look me in the eye as he forced us out of the shop without an explanation. In a nut shell: awful customer service, woeful branding and questionable products (both in quality and price). DO NOT BOTHER - SAVE THE CASH FOR A MORE TRUSTWORTHY SHOP.   17-08-17
Tags: , Awful, embarrassing, leather, owner, Terrible