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Horrendous my mum and dad brought a sofa on my recommendation they also brought bedroom furniture. Within months the 1200 pound settee fell apart the leather was coming away from the suite. I've since has a professional report done which they advised it was not leather it was a copy and the settee was poorly made which I advised the shop manager of this, it's has now been nearly two years since I have brought this suite what the manager has said is he needs a receipt to show his manufacturer so he can get his money back, as I said you have your own receipt to give to the manufacturer. Now we did not have the reciept for this sofa however the shop manager acknowledged fully to my face to my mums face that the sofa was from one stop furniture stoney Stanton road. He has ignore 34 emails 167 phone calls his staff have advised me they have given him my full message and to this day he has done nothing he has ignore and ripped off my parents don't ever use this shop this has also been reported to trading standards

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