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0 star and very rude service !! I walked into the store to return my Zalando parcel, the staff scanned my parcel twice and said the label was not valid, then I called Zalando and asked about the label, turned out that it didn't work because the label was not yet activated, I then activated the label on their website. I asked the store staff to scan the label again after I have activated it, the staff refused to scan it for me and insisted that my label was invalid and told me to print another one off their printing machine. I begged her and said please try once again. I also told her if it failed again I would print a new one off their machine. However, she refused to do so. I ended up walking to another store to return my parcel. Fortunately, I successfully returned it with the "same label" as before. Which meant that the previous store tried to scam me to print off a new label from their store. What kind of service was that ? I mean how long dose that take you to do one more scan ? You were causing me so much inconvenience I had to walk half an hour to the other store. You lazy, unfriendly and super rude woman. Please avoid this store !!!!! This store also smells really really bad that made me super uncomfortable. I am sorry I couldn't control my emotion that I gave the CCTV a middle finger. But not directly to the staff !!

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